Friday, January 20, 2012

30 Days of Hands on Play Challenge: Day 14 and 15

We are half way through! It has gone so quickly! I am already trying to come up with ways to continue this after we are finished. I'm thinking of maybe putting each thing that we've done (I will probably add other things I come across to keep it interesting) on a slip of paper and then putting it in a jar that we can draw from each morning... We'll see.

Yesterday's activity was: plan a party. I was a little unsure of what to do with this at first, but I decided a tea party of sorts would be fun. So after the kids got up from their naps we gathered around the dining room table and I made hot cocoa and graham crackers with Sunbutter and raisins. I set out a tea cup and saucer for each of us. We all had some cocoa and a snack and we chatted.

The kids and brought some of their animal figures to the table to join us. Will pretended to have them drink cocoa from his cup.

After we finished our treats the girls got out some pencils and paper and did some drawing. They had me draw some pictures for them too.

Today's activity was: mega doodles. I had looked through some of the activities when I was deciding whether to do this or not and I remember seeing this one and thinking, "Cool!" We got out a roll of paper and laid it out on the kitchen floor with some crayons and colored pencils. We all drew and doodled for over an hour. (Okay, Will didn't stick with it for that long, and while he was there, he was usually trying to scribble on what the girls were drawing, which led to some extra drama.)

In the end this is how much we colored:

Ellie LOVED this activity and said repeatedly that we should do it again sometime. We are definitely looking forward to what the next few weeks hold.

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  1. These are so cool! I love love love your Mega Drawings! That idea to put them in a jar - how cool is that? I might just have to do that too :) What a great idea!! PS. I voted for your scrapbook page today - love it!