Thursday, January 5, 2012

30 Days of Hands on Play Challenge: Day 2 and 3

We've had two days of playing and it has been great! I decided the best time to do our scheduled play time was after nap because that is the time of day most days that I struggle to find things to do. Here is what we did:

Day 2:
Build a Fort

I have done this a couple of times before and the kids enjoyed it. This time, with the Christmas tree up in the living room, I decided to try this using our sectional in the basement. I also had some sheets and blankets that had just been washed that I could use for the roof. Addy was the first to wake up. When she did, we built this:

I asked her what she wanted to do in the fort, and she said, "Play a game!"

When the game was finished, she was still the only one up, but I expected/hoped that Ellie would be waking up soon so I suggested we play restaurant. We played for a while and then Ellie joined us and played for a few minutes as well.

Total, we played for an hour! While it was mostly one on one time with Addy, I think it was successful because she had fun and, as the middle child, I think she needs some extra one on one time every now and then.

Day 3: Play with Play Doh

You can use already prepared stuff or make your own. The girls get plenty of the premade stuff as gifts so I haven't made any in a LONG time. Today both girls were awake at the same time so we pulled out the stuff together.

For a long time, I would only let each child play with one color at a time, then, a few months ago, we had a playdate at a friend's house and they mixed the colors (gasp!). Ever since then I give each child a couple colors and they can mix with each other if they want. I love the new colors and marbled Play Doh that has come from doing this. I also think the girls like seeing what the two (or more) colors together do.

These are some of the things I made. :) Look at how fun it is with the mixed colors!

Eventually Will woke up too. He played with the Play Doh toys mostly, he isn't a huge fan of Play Doh yet.

We played for another hour today! Both of these activities are things that I enjoy, but in the busyness of "being a mom" and "keeping the house running smoothly," I've kind of forgotten. I am so excited to see what tomorrow brings!

By the way, if you would like to do this yourself, you can follow Elizabeth's blog as (I think) she will be posting daily and I will most likely post every other to every 3 days.

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  1. These are great Jessica! I love the smiles on your children's faces and I love love love the idea of doing these activities AFTER naptime - I think I'll have to start doing that :)