Monday, January 16, 2012

30 Days of Hands on Play Challenge: Day 10 and 11

Friday was Day 10 of this challenge and our activity was: make potions. I had accidentally ended up with an extra box of corn starch a while back so I decided to mix that with water for the kids to play with. Will was freaked out by it immediately. I pressed his fingers into it and he wanted nothing to do with it. The girls and I played anyway. We picked up chunks of it, watched it flow, and let our hands sink into it.

After a little while we added some food coloring and had fun mixing that in. The girls loved this stuff! They played for an hour and a half!! We got it out again on Saturday and they played with it some more!

I switched today and tomorrow's activities because we are having people over and so we did our activity this morning: act out a story. Ellie acted out "Little Red Riding Hood" recently in preschool so that was the story she wanted to act out. She also took on the role of director since she had done this before. :) The first time through Ellie was Little Red Riding Hood, Addy was Grandma, Daddy was the Big Bad Wolf, Will was the Wood Cutter and I was the Mom.

We took turns trying all of the roles. Then we switched to "Goldilocks and the Three Bears and acted that out a couple of times. The kids really had fun with this one!

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