Tuesday, January 10, 2012

30 Days of Hands on Play Challenge: Day 6 and 7

We've completed a couple more days of the challenge. I both activities outside because it was in the upper 40's both days- it's January and we're in Minnesota people, this doesn't happen very often!

Yesterday's challenge was: play islands. To make this challenge work outside, we brought out the sidewalk chalk and drew islands on the driveway. I decided to draw a bunch of different shapes so we had a few options to throw a little learning in.

I started out by calling out a shape and we all had to jump to that shape. The girls took turns calling out shapes as well.

Then we played a game of "Freeze." One person yelled "go" and everyone ran around until that same person yelled "freeze." Then we each had to name to shape we were on. Will loved running among us and yelling "Go!"

Finally we played a little Shark/Crocodile. We ran around among the shapes and the person who was "it" (the shark or crocodile) had to try to tag us when we were outside of a shape. Once a person was tagged they had to go wait on the island I drew (yes, I took the challenge literally).

Today's challenge was: sensory play. My kids LOVE playing in the sensory table at school so over a year ago I bought a large flat Sterilite container and some bird seed and made a sensory box. We don't get it out super often, but we pulled it out today, along with a small bucket, some shovels and some measuring cups. We have played with the bird seed inside, but it is really messy, so bringing it outside makes for a lot more fun for everyone.

The kids didn't play super long in the bird seed today, but they wanted to play some of the games from yesterday again, so we did!


  1. Love this mild weather for outside play!! The sensory box is such a cute idea! I so want to do beans, but I know she will eat them.. haha..

  2. Again you are doing such creative things! I love the "island" play outside!! I got the waterbeads from Joanne Fabrics. They are in the floral section (you can find them at most craft stores).