Monday, May 30, 2011

Project 365 Week 41

Here are my photos for the week. I forgot to take on on Tuesday, so I have included 2 from Saturday.

5/23 Ellie painting the bird feeder we made. Ellie has a nature crafts book and this was one of the projects. The girls had fun painting the juice container. Unfortunately I wasn't completely prepared and didn't have string to hang it up so it was left on the back step overnight where a squirrel decided to rip the net bag holding the bird seed.

5/25 While we watched the last episode of "Oprah" I gave the girls manicures and pedicures.

5/26 Addy rolling up the hose after we watered the tomato plants we had just planted in the garden.

5/27 Ellie and Will playing with a hula hoop at open gym.

5/28 Rick's parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary on Sunday, so when we went on Saturday I made a cake for them. Here they are with their cake.

Ellie holding some tree blossoms and her necklace after our tractor ride.

5/29 Addy climbing the big ladder at the park. I was astonished when I saw her do it the first time this spring! She is growing up so fast!!

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