Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project 365 Week 37

I am posting my pictures for the week on Sunday, this is early for me! I did forget to take a picture on Tuesday, but the rest of the days are accounted for!

4/25 Will sleeping in the car on the drive back from Illinois. He fell asleep with his hand like this, isn't it sweet?

4/27 Will standing next to the ottoman sucking on a toy mustard bottle like a baby bottle. He loves standing next to furniture, he thinks he's pretty hot stuff!

4/28 Addy making a giraffe headband at ECFE.

4/29 Ellie by the koi pond in the conservatory at the Como Zoo. If the whole experience of going to the Como Zoo could be as calming and beautiful as this scene, I would do it all the time. Sadly, it is not, that zoo is not at all stroller friendly so it is exhausting to take 3 small children there.

4/30 Addy "styling" Rick's hair. I'd be a little afraid if my stylist was laughing like that, but not Rick, he's a brave guy. :)

5/1 Cake for the "Beatification Bash" that we attended today celebrating the Beatification of Pope John Paul II. JP II, We love you, pray for us!

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