Monday, May 9, 2011

Project 365 Week 38

The weather finally started to warm up and we got outside quite a bit! I love photographing in natural light! Happy Spring and Happy Mother's Day!

5/2 Will checking out how his sisters had lined up his blocks by the stairs.

5/3 Smoothie face. Addy doesn't eat ANYTHING neatly...

5/4 Ellie giving Will a push at the park. It was a beautiful day!!

5/5 The daffodils in my front flower beds (and Addy peeking out the front door).

5/6 One of the girls' dolls in the high chair. Just a little reminder of the sweet little girls that live and play here.

5/7 Rick and Will acting like puppies with Will's bib. (Another beautiful day!!)

5/8 Will's latest "trick"- crawling! He figured it out on 5/7 and has been busy since!

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