Sunday, December 27, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 12-27-15

Hi all! I missed last week, but I am back this week with Scavenger Hunt Sunday. This week's prompts were all "Photographer's Choice," so I picked some of my favorite shots from the past week of festivities.

Photographer's Choice #1
This is my husband and my older son reading a book at my parents' house last weekend, with all of the presents for the day in the background.

Photographer's Choice #2
A family picture from after Christmas mass Friday morning. I have one where everyone is standing nice and smiling, but I love the personality of this one...

Photographer's Choice #3
My youngest opening his gifts at my grandma's house yesterday. They handed out all of the presents before anyone opened any and then it was a free for all for opening. We told him to wait while they were handing out the gifts. I looked at him once most of the gifts were opened and realized he was still sitting there patiently with his pile of gifts untouched! He was happy to rip into them when we gave him the go ahead.

Photographer's Choice #4
My husband and kids went sledding today as we finally got a decent amount of snow yesterday. My youngest was always on the lookout for someone to give him a ride down the hill. Here he is hitching a ride with his brother.

Photographer's Choice #5
My girls getting ready to head back down the hill (backwards).

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  1. Great images! Love the look on your son's face in the first shot, and they look like they had a blast sledding!