Sunday, December 13, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 12-13-15

I did it! Two weeks in a row with a Scavenger Hunt post! This week I bought a flash for my camera, so I've had some fun the last few days playing with that.

Starts With K
Kids; here are two of mine, helping me test out a set up for a photo shoot I did yesterday. They are more fun to photograph than the doll I used for most of my test shots...

This little cutie is 3 months old and her mom requested a white background. Up to this point, most of my portrait work has been outdoors, with the exception of a few newborns. I bought a few new things and borrowed a few others to make this happen.

 Holiday Treat
We finally got around to doing a little holiday baking today. We made snickerdoodles and cut out sugar cookies. The whole family was gathered around the table tonight decorating the cookies.

We celebrated both girls' birthdays last weekend with a party with family. Here my younger daughter has one of her gifts and is playing with it with her cousin.

 Brings Me Joy
My oldest and youngest playing together. I love when my kids get along and work together!

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  1. White is STUNNING, Jessica!
    Your kids are adorable, love the smiles!