Sunday, April 5, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 4-5-15

Happy Easter!  I hope you all had a great day!  I almost didn't have photos to share this week, but then we went to the zoo yesterday!  So, most of my shots are from that...

My Morning
This is how you will typically see me spending my mornings...

Ha... right.  I spent my morning yesterday chasing these four around the zoo.

Next To Me
This little guy usually has a big brother or sister next to him, helping him, playing with him, irritating him.. ;) Here he and his big sister are checking out the calf at the zoo.

I just love photographing the flamingos. I love their pastel pink color and the texture of their feathers.

This time of year isn't especially beautiful. The snow has melted (hopefully for good), but not much has started to grow. But things should be turning green soon!

Photographer's Choice
Technically speaking, this photo isn't great, but I love it because I caught my son doing his "happy dance" this morning after he found his Easter basket. (Yes, I realize it looks like night if you look at the windows in the photo. YOU tell my children they shouldn't get up before the sun... ;))

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  1. Yes, Absolutely Happy Dance is the best photo !! Happy dance is so happy and Easter is about happiness (it's spring and everything!) and it is early in the morning because life can not wait. Life is so short and we are children only 1. time in our life and joy comes from little things like from easter basket ! A photo from real life is defenitely the best photo !!!! Have a nice week !