Friday, April 3, 2015

I Found It- First Haircut Revisited

Remember way back in September and this post? I was so sad and frustrated that I couldn't find the envelope that had the clippings from my son's first haircut. Well, this past week, I found it!  I pulled his Valentine's day cards out of a page protector to put them on a page and I found the envelope!  I was so happy!

I had left the top right circle open so that if I found the hair I could put it there.  I cut a piece of clear plastic for the top of my window and gave it some lift by cutting the outline of the circle from white fun foam.  I cut an identical circle from patterned paper to give the circle a frame.  I ended up having to move my embellishments a bit (and I had glued, with actual liquid glue, them down!), but I was able cover the damage. 

And, the final product!

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