Sunday, April 29, 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt 4-29-12

My photos this week came from two "field trips" over the last couple of weeks: the fire station and the zoo.  Here are my interpretations:

These are some ducklings that are part of the zoo's "Farm Babies" exhibit right now.

Something That Makes You Smile
Addy and a friend holding hands. It is so sweet to see little kids sharing this kind of bond.

Ancient or Antique
This one was a little harder than I thought it would be. We don't have any antiques in our house and I guess we don't come across them often. Here is an antique tractor that is a part of the farm exhibit at the zoo.

Will checking out the penguin exhibit at the zoo.

In The Sun
There wasn't a lot of sun the last couple of weeks, it has been pretty dreary. This is a photo of one of the fire trucks at the fire station. While it isn't outside, it faces a clear door so the sun is reflecting off the shiny metal.


  1. I like most your smile photo and splash ! They are lovely !!!

    my pics in

  2. How fun to use your field trips for gathering your images! I have a soft spot for children's photos; these are both so sweet!

  3. Something that makes you smile is really cute.

  4. Your Yellow is ADORABLE!!! oh goodness