Monday, August 8, 2011

Project 365 Week 51

One week left! As I near the end of my project, I decided to try another new thing with the camera. The second part of the this past week, I shot only in RAW. This is a file type that requires work to be done on the photos in Photoshop or some other post processing program. I was astonished at how much I could improve my photos with just that change!! I think I will be using it more in the future. It also makes me a little more picky about the shots I take and keep because each one needs attention later if I want to use it.

Well, this past week was... difficult. We were at the Dr.'s office 3 days and in contact with them a 4th for various ailments Will had throughout the week. We closed out the week with both girls coming down with some sort of stomach bug. Needless to say, I am hoping the first 7 days of August are not an indication of what the rest of the month will be. In between all the illness I was able to capture some fun, including Will getting into trouble (even though he was sick, he still managed to keep up his regular shenanigans).

8/1 Here are the jellyfish the girls made last week (Addy's, then Ellie's). It took me a few days to help them get the eyes on these guys. I have since punched holes in the top, threaded some yarn through the holes and they are hanging from the curtain rod in their room.

8/2 Some cherry tomatoes in my garden. These plants have been producing very well for me this year!

8/3 Will pulling towels out of the kitchen drawer.

8/4 Ellie waiting for the bird show to start at the zoo. Looking at this picture I am struck by how grown up she looks, where does the time go??

8/5 Will emptying my wallet. This is one of his favorite things to do, probably because there are so many things to pull out!!

8/6 The girls playing outside with the sidewalk chalk.

8/7 Will trying to put on glasses. He knows where they are supposed to go, he just can't quite get them on his face yet!

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