Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big Idea Festival: Days 9-11

As we get to the end of this project, the words are getting more difficult for me. I feel like some of them overlap words that I have already done, so I need to take some time to think of a unique angle to come at it.

The word for Day 9 was "Free." I really wanted to come at this one from a biblical standpoint. I ended up just using a bible verse because I didn't feel ready to put my own thoughts into words for this one. I played a lot with layers in PSE for this one. It is pretty different from my other pages, but I like how it turned out.

Yesterday's word was "moment." I thought a lot about the moments that have really changed my life and ended up wanting to reflect on the way the births of each of my children changed my life. I wanted to say more in my journaling, but couldn't find the words and I ran out of space on my page...

Today's word is "embrace." The instructor for today's word, Nic Howard, talked about embracing things that you may not have chosen directly for your life but have become a part of your life through other choices you have made.

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