Monday, August 1, 2011

Project 365 Week 50

Only two weeks left!! As I near the end of this journey, I have been contemplating how I want to continue this feature of my blog. I am thinking I will set a goal of taking at least 1 photo per week instead of day. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on the subject, feel free to leave a comment. :)

Looking at the photos from this week, I realized how HOT it was. The first couple of days I kind of forgot about taking a photo until the end of the day so I took some pictures of things around the house. The rest of the week was spent in or near water...

7/25 The kids are back! While the kids stayed with my parents all of the toys were put away. As soon as they returned home we started finding toys all over the place again. Here are some Barbies hanging out in the arm chair.

7/26 I love the farmers' market! Not only do they have fabulous vegetables, they have beautiful bouquets like this for just $5!!

7/27 All three of the kids playing in the sprinkler ball.

7/28 Addy checking out how one of the frogs spit water at the park.

7/29 I found this craft in the July issue of Scrapbooks Etc. The girls made jelly fish from paper bowls. Here is Addy painting hers.

7/30 My sister Clare with her first place medal from winning the 20-29 age division at the Wabasha 5k. She finished in 22:59! (I finished in 30:02.)

7/31 Ellie swimming in Grandpa and Grandma's pool.

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