Saturday, March 28, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 3-29-15

Hello!  Well, I didn't get the scavenger hunt done last week, but I am back again this week with photos... maybe I'll shoot for every other week.  A couple of these are a bit of a stretch (okay, one is a major stretch), but I took lots of photos this week, so I just made them work.

There are two addictions shown here: the pacifier and sleeping in the chair rather than his bed.  He has napped in the recliner in his room from time to time, but a couple of weeks ago he had an ear infection and I think he was more comfortable sitting up, so the chair has become his "bed" of choice. He has also been fighting naps. As you can see, this day he wore himself out to the point he didn't have enough energy to even get into the chair...

Or, "Me!" This little boy is 2, and he likes to do things by himself.  He lets us know by saying (or screaming) "Me!" until we let him do whatever it is he wants.  He also gets this stern look on his face when he says it.  I didn't catch the expression fully here (there is usually more brow furrowing), but you get the idea.

On the Floor
These two were playing restaurant with the puff balls on the floor one day this week.  These two have a bit of a volatile relationship.  They can get along great (as shown here) or they can fight. I enjoyed them playing together happily this day.

Here is Minnesota we tend to pride ourselves on our ability to handle whatever winter throws our way.  We had it pretty easy this winter, but last weekend we had a snowstorm roll throw that dumped close to a foot of snow on us.  Here you can see the volume of it on our deck and the kid's picnic table.

All right, here's where it gets stretchy.  I really had nothing that fit the "salty" category, so I went with this photo.  Because... the snow looks like salt? I don't know... I got to leave the girls' school a little early after volunteering this week and so I decided to go to a local park to take some pictures of the freshly fallen snow. This is one of the resulting shots


  1. Your Addiction photo is supercute. I have always thought, that we in Nordoc countries have plenty of snow, but this winter at least you have topped us.

    R. Täysin arkista

  2. Greetings from snowny Scandinavia. Spring is on its way here and it seems that you have had lots of snow too. I like most your salty and on the floor photos. Have a nice week !

  3. Super great shots! Love the toddle "me!" We got more snow yesterday, oy!!

  4. Love the toddler "ME" :). And I think those snow pictures are really pretty... salty or no. Especially love when kiddos decide to play instead of fight (we go back and forth. all. day. long...)