Sunday, March 1, 2015

I Heart Faces February Photo Challenge: Days 22-28

Well, I made it to the end of the month! Very few (if any) of these photos were actually taken on the day of the prompt, but that is okay.  We didn't have much for big events or milestones this month, so this challenge made sure I took some photos this month, and I am grateful for that. I am going to try to continue by picking back up on the weekly scavenger hunt here.

2/22 Curled
... or not. They celebrated "I Love to Read" month at my daughters' school by having dress up days this past week.  On Tuesday, they were to dress up as a favorite character from a book.  Addy chose Fancy Nancy.  She wanted to have her hair curled with hot rollers, but decided they were too hot after I had two in... So no curls it was!

2/23 Window
Two of the older kids were playing outside and this guy was watching them out the window and "painting" the window with a dry paintbrush.

2/24 Strength
It took some hand strength to push the play dough through this toy.

2/25 Radiant
This girl got to go to a princess birthday party this week, complete with a real, live Rapunzel. While she was there she got her face painted with this crown. She came home feeling like a "radiant" princess (a stretch, I know).

2/26 Cozy
These two decided to create a nest in the living room with the pillows, blankets and animals from their beds.  It looked pretty cozy to me.

2/27 Get Low
Our youngest started speech a couple of weeks ago and the teacher has brought things for him to play with each week. This week, she brought a bin of beans with some other toys that bring with "b" mixed in. It is a small bucket so we have to "get low" to play with it (and to pick up the beans when Nick spreads them all over the floor).

2/28 Darling
I made smoothies for snack yesterday and the boys ended up with "darling" mustaches from eating them.

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