Sunday, March 15, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 3-15-15

Well, I didn't get photos together for last week's scavenger hunt, but I got some this week! The warmer weather has definitely helped!

...for homework. On Tuesday of this past week, it got up over 65 degrees. It was so nice out, the girls decided to work on their homework outside and enjoy the weather.

On My Plate
Yesterday (3-14-15) was Pi Day and we celebrated by having Strawberry Rhubarb pie. 

We enjoyed the weather on Friday by going to the zoo with our MOPS group. While we were there, I caught this shot of one of the leopards snoozing in the sun.

Negative Space
This is another shot from the zoo.  My youngest took his sweet time making his way through the zoo. Here he had stopped to look for the otters.

Photographer's Choice
My final shot is also from the zoo. Usually when we go by the beaver exhibit, the beavers are hiding in their dam.  This day, two of them were out, along with a mallard duck!

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  1. That pie looks so great! The zoo pictures are amazing!