Sunday, February 22, 2015

I Heart Faces February Photo Challenge: Days 15-21

2/15 His and Hers- These are the gifts Rick and I got for each other for Valentine's Day.

2/16 Shadow- A sweet little shadow

2/17 Story- My oldest reading a story to her younger siblings.

2/18 Up- My oldest building "up" some legos (okay, that may be a stretch...)

2/19 Surprise- This little lady lost her first tooth this week. "Surprise" could also work for the little photo bomber in this picture.

2/20 I Dream Of...- A sleeping baby! This kid did not sleep more than 45 minutes Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (two of those days it was less than 20 minutes). Saturday he finally made up for it with a 3 hour nap.

2/21 B & W- This is another shot from the day I took the "Story" photo. The captive audience. :)

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