Monday, February 9, 2015

I Heart Faces- February Photo Challenge Days 1-7

At the beginning of the month, I Heart Faces posted this challenge on Facebook:

I've been wanting to get back into taking photos, and I figured this was the perfect opportunity.  I am also trying to get more comfortable with my 50 mm prime lens, so I will be using that lens as much as possible to take my photos this month. Here are my first 7.

2/1 I am... creative. There are lots of ways for me to finish this statement, but I was working on this today and so that is what I am going with.

2/2 Leap- Nick is really into jumping (and galloping) lately and I think it is pretty cute.

2/3 Sweet- the boys and I made brownies yesterday. When we were done, they had to lick the beater.

2/4 Words- the other day Will asked me to spell these words for him so he could make a sign. It is the first time that he has asked me to spell something so he could write it

2/5 Relax- Nick and I went to the zoo today and the gibbon looked so comfortable laying in the sun

2/6 Someone(s) I Love- The kids all decided to make their own Valentines this year, so we all gathered around the table and went to work this afternoon.

2/7 Laughter- One of Will's favorite games is "monster" where Rick chases him. The game results in lots of giggling and screaming.

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