Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February Photo Challenge days 8-14

I'm back with my second week of photos for the I Heart Faces February photo challenge.

2/8 Favorite- my boys snuggling, watching their favorite show, "Wild Kratts"

2/9 Clouds- The clouds themselves weren't very interesting today, but the snow coming from them was pretty. Addy had fun playing in it for a while this afternoon

2-10 Vintage- I went with a vintage style for the Valentine I made for Rick

2/11 Love is... letting this one use paint. wink emoticon It is also missing MOPS for a quiet morning at home so he could get some extra rest to fight the cold he has

2/12 Red- This little lady got her new glasses today, which happen to be... red

2/13 Walking- Will loves to pretend to be an animal, here he is walking like one

2/14 Heart- There is a heart in the picture and he has my heart

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