Sunday, May 4, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 5-3-14

Happy Sunday all!  I am back with my photos for the week.  I didn't get my camera out much this week, so most of these are from the same day.  Here's hoping this week's weather is a little nicer and I will be inspired to get my camera out more.

On My Feet
This photo is from our cruise in March.  I am standing on the black sand beach in Dominica.  I have Navy with Gold Fleck Jamberry nail wraps on my toes.  A friend introduced me to these a few months ago and they are so fun!  There are so many great patterns and they last a long time!  I had these on my toes for 6 weeks (this was nearing the end of those 6 weeks and they still look pretty good!

On Friday, I took the three younger kids to a local gymnastics gym for open gym.  Here is my youngest by some of the foam mats and balls, a few different shapes here.

Little Things
One of the little things I noticed when I went through my photos from Friday was that my 3-year-old likes to throw his hands up and tuck his legs up whenever he jumps.  I think it makes him look like a little ninja (or "inja" as he likes to say).

It was rainy and chilly all week, so getting out and burning off some energy was so good for everyone!  My youngest loved riding on this little car down the ramp.  He also spent the day practicing going up and down steps (also good in a mostly padded environment), playing with the balls, and just walking, running and climbing until it was time to go!  Addy had a blast jumping into the foam pit (above).  And Will ran around the whole time!

It also got warmer out Friday afternoon, so we went outside to play.  When I started this design on the driveway, I intended for it to be a circle, but it ended up being more egg-shaped.  Addy and I worked together to fill in the pattern. :)


  1. I love the photos of your kids. Running, jumping, playing, all great stuff. I also love your egg. You just went with it. I love how your header looks like a scrapbook. I checked out your scrapbook page a little and was struck how much it resembles blogging, except it is real, and has texture and you can hold it.

    I hope you have a great week coming up! Thanks for sharing everything.

  2. Gymnastics is the best. I love your chalk egg!

  3. The chalk egg is great. It must have taken awhile to do. The ninja is cute!

  4. Nice set. Your kids are darling. I liked the Shape shot and Little Things (he did remind me of a Ninja) also that Egg chalk drawing was pretty awesome.