Sunday, May 18, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 5-18-14

Hello!  It is finally nice here!  We got a chance to enjoy it this morning too, as you will see...

I found my youngest sleeping like this yesterday in his crib.  What a silly kid!

In the Shade
This is a tunnel slide at the park we were at this morning.  It's shady in the tunnel...

 From Behind
The reason we were at a park this morning is that the older three kids and I participated in a fun run: a 1K (ish) for the kids and a 5K (ish) for me.  I say "ish" because, according to my GPS sport tracker app, my run was about 2.75 miles...  Oh well, it was fun!  This is my second oldest crossing the finish line for the kids' run.

 On the Ground
My youngest has REALLY been into cars lately.  I got some photos of the cars (and him) earlier this week.

Bugs or Blossoms
So this one is a bit of a stretch, but there are flowers painted on my daughter's arm in this photo.  There was a face painter at the race this morning and my oldest decided she wanted flowers painted on her arm.


  1. My son always sleeps with his blanket over his face.

  2. Nice set for the hunt. - Don't you love it when the kiddos sleep with their stuffed animals. My GD (Coleen) is 9 and has a "ton" of stuffed animals that she sleeps with.
    I liked your In the Shade shot, he's a cutie.
    Neat shot for From Behind, So neat you both ran races.
    My favorite from your set was the On The Ground shot of the cars, great angle.
    Flowers were a great choice for your girl to have painted on her arm.