Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project 365 Week 29

A healthy week! We got out a bit, but also had lots of fun at home!

2/28 Ellie and Will playing on the floor. Will adores his big sisters, especially Ellie, she is so attentive to him.

3/1 Ariel made of Play Doh. Ellie had cut out the body shape using a cookie cutter and then asked me to help her find the tool that makes the hair so she could put hair on her. I found the tool and the rest was all her!

3/2 Will on all fours. He isn't really interested in crawling yet (he actually doesn't like being on his belly much and he only sits like this when I set him this way).

3/3 ROAR!

3/4 Addy putting some hula hoops around Will at open gym. Will didn't seem to mind and even tried to grab them

3/5 Will was a bottomless pit this week. Here is a common scene from the week: Will shoving fistfuls of puffs in his mouth.

3/6 Ellie showing my grandma, Addy and my dad how her iXL works.

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  1. Great pics!!! Bella isn't crawling yet either, but she has the same POSE! LOL!