Monday, February 28, 2011

Project 365 Week 28

As I went through the photos this week, I realized that we did a lot of art projects. I think the reason was that we were dealing with some sickness so we laid low this week and... did art projects!

2/21 This was the result of the snow storm on Sunday into Monday- between 12 and 18" of snow! That's Rick cleaning the driveway.

2/22 Addy doing some watercolor painting. (Note the tongue out in concentration.)

2/23 We played outside today since the temps were around freezing. Here is a close up of Will's eye as he looks up to the sky.

2/24 The girls painting at ECFE. The theme was monkeys so they got to paint their own monkey. (Note Addy's tongue again.)

2/25 Ellie coloring in her big princess book. She has gotten pretty good at staying in the lines.

2/26 Sisters- It is so fun to listen to and watch these two little girls together- they are the best of friends!

2/27 Here's me trying to feed Will some pureed meat. He is NOT a fan!

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