Monday, February 14, 2011

Project 365 Week 26

I have reached the halfway point of my project! The time has gone quickly! This week I had trouble remembering to take my pictures during the day so I ended up taking several of objects.

2/7 Ellie and Addy at storytime at Wild Rumpus book store. What a cool place! They had several animals in cages throughout the store and a couple of cats and chickens that wandered the store.

2/8 Ellie and me. Ellie woke up with that sore Friday morning and didn't know where it came from! I am wearing the new glasses I picked up on Sunday!

2/9 It was nail day! I clipped and painted both girls' fingernails and toenails. Here are Ellie's freshly painted nails.

2/10 My new toy!! Rick found a deal on a Cricut Expression and all of these accessories on Craig's List. If this was the only experience I had with Craig's List, I would probably never do it again. It took a week for Rick and the woman to finally get a chance to meet so Rick could buy the stuff and the Cricut was missing part of its power cord so we are trying again to meet up with this woman to get the rest! Thankfully I have the smaller Cricut, so I have been able to use the part from that machine so I can use my new one!

2/11 The weather appears to be changing. It was 30.2 degrees at 8:24 pm!! We hadn't seen the temp in the middle of the day for weeks!

2/12 Addy looking at a book before bed

2/13 The weather was beautiful! The temperatures were in the mid 40's so we filled some spray bottles with colored water and colored the snow!

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