Monday, March 21, 2011

Project 365 Week 31

Here are my pictures for the week. I obviously spent a lot of time with my wonderful husband this week. :)

3/14 "I don't know how the peaches got all over the place..."

3/15 Rick engaged in one of his favorite past times: computer gaming.

3/16 I received a coupon for $5 off a haircut at Kids' Hair so I decided to take the girls since they hadn't had their hair cut since before Thanksgiving. Rick told me to ask them if either of them wanted their hair cut short, and Addy said yes! Here she is after her haircut (with a little green for the holiday).

3/17 Ellie pulling up her pants to step in the (melting!) snow.

3/18 Poker Night!

3/19 The kids stayed with Rick's parents over the weekend and so Rick and I did some shopping and got new phones (smart phones). Here's Rick playing with his new toy.

3/20 One of the things we won at the Viva St. John's silent raffle was brunch for two at Santorini's. Here's Rick enjoying his brunch (it was fabulous!).

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