Monday, October 11, 2010

Project Scrapbook Finale

Last week was the final week of Project Scrapbook. Our final challenge was called, "Almost Perfect, But Not Quite". Here was the challenge:

This week's challenge is to work with the "oops"'s we all face in scrapbooking. Get out the bent, broken, creates and nearly destroyed items in your collection.

Suggestion: if you are fortunate enough to have perfect pieces... why not hand them over to your child/grandchild/neighbor kid and let them go nuts ripping/crinkling ect and see what you get back.

8 x 8 - 10 points
8.5 x 11 - 15 points
12 x 12 - 20 points
12 x 12 Double Layout - 40 points
*remember for double layouts pick 1 page to count embellishment points
Title - 10 points
Pictures - 10 points per picture
Embellishments/stickers - 5 points per
*Title stickers count as 5 points
50 words or less - 25 points
50+ words or more - 35 points

"Make it Work" Bonus - 100 points
Use 1 of each type of "broken item":
Paper (patterned or cardstock)

I didn't have much for destroyed products so I printed the photos and and chose the patterned paper and gave it to my girls for a few days. The paper came back to me with a few scribbles and the pictures still looked fine. They still fit the bill since they were all of Addy in and "imperfect" state and the one on the right I blew up quite a bit so it is a little grainy. The butterfly had lost one of its wings, so I glued that back on. Here is my result:

And my points:
12x12= 20 points
Title= 10 points
Pictures x 3= 30 points
Embellishments x 19= 95 points
Journaling= 25 points
"Make It Work" (patterned paper was scribbled on by DD, all the pictures are "imperfect," but the one on the right is kind of grainy because I blew it up, and the butterfly had lost a wing so I glued it back together.) 100 points

Total= 280 points

I also got the "Go Green" Challenge at Challenge Masters done for this month. The challenge was to make a project from scraps. I'd had the scraps from my Manufacturer Challenge layout laying on my desk waiting to be made into a card and yesterday I got the chance. I actually ended up making a second since I had enough of everything (except the ribbon, which is completely gone!). I also used this week's sketch from "So Sketchy":

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