Monday, October 25, 2010

Project 365 Week 10

Kind of a crazy week here, it definitely didn't end as planned. I totally forgot to take a photo on Thursday, so I included two from our trip to the zoo on Wednesday.

10/18 The end of laundry day, time to put it all away!

10/19 Addy peeking from behind a tree, this was part if my attempt to get a two year picture of her.

10/20 The girls comparing their wingspans to those of Minnesota birds.

10/20 The girls and a friend checking out the baby dolphin and her mom. This was the first week the baby has been on display and only the second day so we had to stay back from the glass.

10/22 Addy's second birthday. We had pizza and cupcakes for dinner, here Addy is blowing out the candle on her cupcake.

10/23 Addy's Dora cake after I had finished decorating it.

10/24 This is where a photo of Addy's birthday party would've been, but we had a sick Daddy in the house so the party was postponed and we hung around at home and tried to stay away from the germs! It was an overcast day that really makes the remaining yellow leaves on the trees look vibrant.

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