Monday, October 11, 2010

Project 365 Week 8

Here are my photos from the last week, we had lots of "adventures"!

10/4 Will looking up into the trees in our backyard

10/5 Ellie with her rose craft at Toddler Tuesday

10/6 Addy's mouth, the night before we went for a walk to enjoy the beautiful weather. We got about 3 houses away when Addy was running and fell flat on her face. We didn't notice until the next day that she had chipped her teeth (there was a lot of blood and swelling at the time of the fall.)

10/7 Rick and Will on the couch smiling at each other

10/8 Ellie at ECFE

10/9 Addy eating a freshly picked apple at the orchard

10/10 Will straining to see the TV, this kid loves the TV!

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