Sunday, June 6, 2010

June Calendar Challenge!

I just posted my June Calendar Challenge over at the new Challenge Masters! This month's challenge is called "Rule of 3." This challenge is going to make you think a little. My challenge is that for every item you put on your layout, you must have 3! For example, in my layout, there are 3 photos, 3 circles made from 3 patterned papers, 3 ribbons, 3 gromlets, 3 epoxy words, and 3 chipboard letters.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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  1. Hey girl! Just popped in to peek around ...

    Love your page ... and what a great challenge! I'm new to Challenge Masters and haven't checked out the Calendar Challenge yet. Love your idea of using 3's. Brilliant! You know, I've been thinking of doing calendars as Christmas gifts this year and actually started a few 8x8 pages back in January when I was motivated. hehehehe But, I've sort of dropped the ball since then. I'd HATE for November to get here when I'll be scrambling to get enough pages done to complete a calendar. I'm assuming that's what your challenge is? Helping us get a calendar page made each month so we'll have a full set by the end of the year? hhhmmm, I'm going to have to check it more closely.

    Thanks for letting me visit ... your blog is beautiful .. full of fun ideas ... I enjoyed my time here! xoxox