Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Color and Hybrid

I finished a couple more layouts for challenges at Challenge Masters. I had a some struggles with both layouts, but am happy with the finished product.

The first layout was for the Color Challenge at Challenge Masters. The challenge was to make a layout or card using rust, blue, cream and sage green. I thought the colors worked great with these photos of my husband and his family golfing. The biggest struggle with this layout was getting information to journal about. I was not at this event, so I had no details or memories of it. I asked my husband if he remembered the scores or even how everyone did, but he did not. I was able to accept this as it was over a year ago. Then I asked him the name of the course they went golfing at. He couldn't even remember that! I ended up e-mailing his parents to find out the name. This was also a reminder as to why what I do is so important!

The next challenge was the Hybrid Challenge. This month's challenge was to print out some digital papers and/or embellishments and use them on a project. I have had Photoshop Elements for a few years now, but I am still getting used to it and there are always new things for me to figure out. This was extremely clear as I tried to print out my elements for this layout. I could make them look the way I wanted on the screen, but when I went to print them out, the computer would crop things. I was very frustrated and required help and calming from my husband on more than one occasion as I worked on this layout. All of the patterned paper and elements on this page were printed and cut out. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I wish our printer would print up to 12" so that my strips would have reached the edges of my paper, but I can live with that.

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