Sunday, July 27, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 7-27-14

I took quite a few photos this week, including some family portraits and one-year portraits for a friend.  Here's how some of them fit with the prompts this week.

The little girls whose one-year portraits I shot had these beautiful blue eyes.  

Last Saturday we celebrated my sister-in-law's bridal shower.  Here are my daughters and their cups of lemonade.

From Behind
Two of my kids had Zoo Camp this week, so we spent some time at the zoo a couple of the days.  One of the days, we went to the Bird Show.  I worked on trying to catch the birds in flight.  Here I captured the crane headed off stage.

The day that I took the portraits it was very sunshiny.  We were able to find shade for most of the shots, but there is quite a bit of sunshine here.

Upside Down
We also went to the butterfly garden at the zoo, one of my favorite places to take pictures. The butterfly on the right looks to be hanging a bit upside down.


  1. I really like that cup photo, didn't even really notice the cup, the girls look so happy having a tea time, and I just adore that room! I'm thinking of that very woodwork in my own house. Hehehe. All beautiful photos.!

  2. These are all gorgeous! Love the girls smiling over their lemonade - so sweet!

  3. Your girls smiling over the lemonade is priceless. and those baby blue eyes are indeed very blue.

  4. I love from behind & upside down.

  5. The daughters shot is so cute! It looks like they were having a good time.