Sunday, July 13, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 7-13-14

Hi all!  It's been a busy day, celebrating my oldest son's birthday!  I managed to pull together a set of photos for this week's scavenger hunt prompts:

Don't these two look like double trouble? I had to go back to last month for a photo of sunglasses (guess I need to work on getting my kids to wear theirs more...).  This is my niece and my youngest playing together at my niece's birthday party.

Summer is short around these parts, but when it is nice out, we enjoy it.  This day we went to the park, had a picnic and played in the water.

This little boy loves to be outside and one of his favorite places to play is in the dirt.

My son received a remote control truck for his birthday today.  Here are all the kids (and my husband) trying it out.  I noticed how nice and green the grass was in the background.

No, there were no candle mishaps. Take a look above my son's left eyebrow.  He fell in church this morning and hit his head on a pew.  That bruise will be healing for the next week or so...


  1. Jessica....excellent captures for the scavenger hunt. Looks like everyone is having a blast. The summer shot is so cute.

  2. yes your niece and youngest do look like trouble waiting to happen! Like the shot of the kids in the water too. Hope your boy's ouchie gets better.

  3. Great photos. I like the shots where the children are playing in the water, but the dirty - faced little boy is my favorite!

  4. That picture of Nick is priceless!