Sunday, April 27, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 4-27-14

Happy Sunday! I have some photos (all from the past week) to share.

We had a couple of nice days this week and on Friday we spent some time enjoying the weather. Here's my husband blowing some bubbles for the kids.

This week was spirit week at my daughter's school. Friday was Crazy Hair/Socks day.  To go with the craziness of her hair and socks, I decided to work on this prompt.

And then my younger daughter decided she wanted to get in on the action. :)

Pajamas Sunday Best
I didn't have any pajama pictures from the week, so I decided to go with this shot of my kids on Easter in their "Sunday best."

One of the kids received egg shaped sidewalk chalk for Easter.

I was thinking motion when I saw this prompt, but Ashley used background blur this week, so so am I.  This is my youngest acting cool in his sister's sunglasses.  He wore them for quite a while one day.  While he was wearing them he started crying and I couldn't stop giggling as I comforted him because all I could see was his crying mouth and these adorable glasses.


  1. Great photos. Your kids are so cute. The second jump made me laugh because of the laugh on her face. The sunglasses shot of your youngest is adorable.

  2. Love the shades! And the jumpers and their Sunday best way better than PJ's!