Sunday, September 22, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 9-22-13

There were some trickier prompts this week (not gonna lie, I took a couple of these photos right before posting), but I have a set to share!  It was a busy week with school and other activities.  We have already been to a birthday party this weekend and we have a baptism today.

Something You Wore
I decided to play a bit with our 50mm lens and took some shots of my earrings.

The birthday party was held at an indoor park.  The park had a toddler area that this little guy LOVED crawling and cruising around in.  Here he is, checking himself out in the mirror.

Inside Your Fridge
My refrigerator is neither interesting or inspiring.  I thought this vantage point was kind of cool though.

Daily Routine
A big part of our daily routine is getting this little lady to and from school.  This week the Mommy photography group I am in had a little back to school photo shoot.  This photo is from that.  

Most mornings the kids watch a little TV.  It gives me some time to get going since the baby is still not sleeping through the night.  


  1. Love your backyard photo shoot! She's adorable!!That is a cool vantage point of your fridge!

  2. Oh my! She looks so grown up in that school photo shoot!!

  3. What great photos! The angle of the fridge shot makes it intriguing. fun back to school shot! The little guy looking in the mirror is so cute!

  4. Very nice set. I enjoyed your Reflection Shot - What a cutie. And the adorable back to school shot.