Sunday, September 15, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 9-15-13

I got some photos taken again this week for the scavenger hunt.  We are SLOWLY working our way into a routine, with school and other activities.  Here are my photos for the week:

Enjoy a Pumpkin Drink
Really?!  I HAVE to buy a pumpkin drink?!  Okay!  This one is a pumkin white mocha from Caribou.  YUM!  Someone did post a recipe to make a homemade pumpkin spice latte on Facebook the other day that I will be trying soon.

Read A Book
This photo is from two weeks ago (the first week of school).  This is one of Addy's preschool teachers reading "The Kissing Hand" during their open house.  Addy is the cutie pie in pink and pigtails.  :)

Bake Something Sweet
Piece of Cake!  (Literally!)  It was Rick's birthday yesterday so I made him a cake and decorated it like the game "Can't Stop".  The pieces are even edible!  I used Wilton Candy Melts and the actual game pieces as molds to make them.

We made a trip to the zoo on Friday.  On one the trails they have an open air aviary where the birds can be above and around the visitors.  This one had taken up perch on one of the railings and my kids thought it was pretty cool to see it this close... until it flew at them.  

I tried playing a bit with some of my Photoshop actions, but wasn't satisfied with the results, so my shot isn't super artsy, but here are some of the flamingos at the zoo. I guess I have to be satisfied with a somewhat artsy angle and call it a day...

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  1. I enjoyed your set very much. I think my favorites were Artsy shot of the Flamingos (love how they are all standing) and your Animal shot. That would be wonderful to see the birds up close like that.