Sunday, April 7, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 4-7-13

 Hello!  It is finally starting to look a little like spring around here.  We made a trip to the zoo this week, which is where I took most of my photos for the hunt.

We actually ended up spending most of our time at the zoo indoors, because even though it was a little warmer out, the wind was still pretty cold and the kids were tired so I didn't want to go too far and have to walk all the way back with grumpy kids.  We did go on the Minnesota Trail which is semi-outdoors.  Here is one of the pumas in its exhibit.

This little guy is starting to become quite the chatterbox.  He is always so happy when he is talking.  Here is a shot I caught of him last weekend on my phone.

Another shot of the little guy, this time at the zoo, all cozy in his car seat.

In the Kitchen
Here is my oldest, helping dad make cole slaw last night for dinner.

One more from the zoo, this time it is the pileated woodpecker sitting in one of the trees in its exhibit.  I had to take this shot through a chain link fence, hence the "spots". 


  1. That puma is beautiful! Such a sweet face.
    Chatterbox made me smile - so cute!!!
    Nice shot of the pileated. I can't imagine it being in the zoo. I wonder if it was being rehabilitated.

  2. Your chatterbox is so stinkin' cute - as is daddy's little helper. Nice choices all around for this week's hunt.

  3. Nice set. Love the Puma and Woodpecker and your little one is so cute. I think it's great when kids help cook dinner.