Monday, April 1, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 3-31-13

What?!  It's MONDAY night you say?  Yeah, I know, I'm still trying to catch up, I had a lot to get done at the end of last week!  On top of several layouts and projects that were due, I hosted Easter yesterday.  Here are my photos for this week:

As in watercolor.  The kids made crayon resist Easter eggs that I strung together and hung over our dining room window.

The eggs in this little guy's basket were empty this year, he doesn't need any candy!  :)

Freshly made cupcake.  I made these for Easter dinner.  The handle is fondant, the "grass" is coconut that I colored with gel icing color and the eggs are Robin's Eggs candy.

The speckles on these eggs make them look weathered.  At least I think so...

Ordinary Easter
We had the option of replacing one of the prompts with an Easter photo, which is what I chose to do here.  This is a shot of my kiddos.  The best one.  Three out of four looking at the camera and smiling isn't bad, right?  :)

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