Sunday, April 14, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 4-14-13

Happy Sunday everyone!  I actually am getting this done early because today is going to be busy- our baby is getting baptized!  I pulled a photo from a few weeks ago for one of this week's prompts, but it's probably not the one you would guess by just glancing at the photos.

Well, this is anti climactic... this is the photo from a few weeks ago.  It was our friend Luke's 30th (Golden) birthday.

What?! A baby for old?!  Well, he is 3 months old... ;)  This was from a photo session I did with him earlier this week.

It's been pretty cloudy all week, so it isn't exactly easy to get a shadow shot.  Here is one in our dining room.

Yep, this is what spring looks like here this year.  *Sigh*  We had a Winter Storm Warning in effect over 3 days this past week.

Another shot from our photo session.  His smile just melts my heart!


  1. ahhh, what a sweet baby. Doesn't look like Spring in your neck of the's to warmer weather!!

  2. I loved your glow and smile - what a sweet baby!
    Wishing you spring sooner than later. :)

  3. Wow so many with snow still for spring, what a bummer.
    Your glow shot was very nice and that sweet baby is so adorable.