Sunday, February 17, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 2-17-13

It's Sunday again which means it is time for another Scavenger Hunt!  I ended up staging a few of these this morning, not because they were difficult, just because I hadn't gotten the shots yet.

With Valentine's Day just a few days ago, we have lots of candy around.  Here's Addy with a Sweet Tart heart.

Pink or Red
I do most of the cooking around here, but Rick always seems to do the cooking when we have pancakes.  This was last Sunday when he decided to make pink heart pancakes for lunch.

These two have a bit of a love/hate relationship, I think because they are alike in a lot of ways.  Just moments before a took this photo, Will had his arms around Addy's waist.  It was so sweet, but I was a little slow with the camera.  :/

Everyone loves to give Nick kisses, here's one of Will giving him a kiss.  Not sure Nick is loving it... :)

Ellie "lost" one of her top teeth last weekend, her third over all.  (I say "lost" because Rick pulled it.  There was crying, but she opened her mouth willingly...)  We are enjoying her holey smile!


  1. Look at those pancakes! Yum! Love the toothless grin!

  2. So many great shots. I just love all the photos of the kiddos. They have me smiling this morning.

  3. Such darling children! Love the candy in the teeth shot! And who could resist kissing those cheeks? Have a wonderful week.

  4. Aw lovely photos I really can't choose a fav! X

  5. Wonderful memories captured this week! Love those pink heart pancakes! And the toothless smile is something to be treasured!

  6. lovely photos for your kids but sorry, it's the pink pancakes that I need in my life!!!

  7. Those pancakes are wonderful. They look like oversized sugar cookies. Great idea.