Sunday, July 8, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 7-8-12

I took a ton of photos this week and was able to easily fill the prompts this week for the Photo Scavenger Hunt.  Today the link up for the hunt is here.

I experimented a bit with taking photos of my in-laws flag on the 4th of July. I decided I liked the angle of this one.

View From Above
I know I could've been a lot more creative with this one, but I just love this shot of Will and his grandpa in the pool.  I bought that "puddle jumper" life jacket for him earlier in the week and he loved it!  He was so comfortable in the water with it and was even able to float around on his own with it for a bit.

I kind of forgot about this one until I was preparing my photos.  Again, I could have done something more creative, but I ended up using a mosaic filter in Photoshop Elements on one of my flag photos.

Something Tiny
We went to the horse track today and one of the races was the "Weiner Dog" championship.  I guess a Daschund isn't necessarily tiny, but it is in comparison to the horses that are usually racing on this track!

Little Miss Addy getting ready to jump in the pool in her polka dot swim shorts and pink and blue life vest.  I love kids' swimwear!

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  1. Oh my goodness, your something tiny! So cute! Love the flag, too!

  2. Great set but that wiener dog race cracked me up. Lol

  3. Great photos, that looks like fun! Love the angle on the flag photo too.

  4. What a fun set of photos - you DID have fun this week!

  5. These are some great photos, Jessica - Something Tiny made me do a double take!

  6. Artistically I am totally in love with the angle on your flag shot. stole my h eart with the weiner race, haha. TOTALLY lovin' that!

  7. Great photos. I love the shot from above and vibrant. Tiny is sooo adorable!

  8. oh my word...wiener dog races... great shot.. perfect for the prompt and made me laugh out loud.. priceless! =)