Sunday, July 22, 2012

Scavenger Hunt 7-22-12

I am back with some more photos this week! I didn't take as many this week (this is a good thing, my July folder has a lot in it!!), but I was able to get all of the prompts.

Wrapped ... or unwrapped. Here is a photo of Will unwrapping one of his birthday presents last Saturday.

Time Together
Nothing says togetherness like a train in the pool... or something like that. We spent the day on Monday at my in-laws with Rick's older sister and her kids. Here are my kids with one of their cousins.

Tell Me a Story
Another one from Monday, Grandpa telling the kids a story before nap time.

Love or Couple
We had the privilege of being present at the Baptism of one of our friends' babies last night. Here she is getting the water poured over her head.

Will loves being tossed in the air, so this was a scene that was duplicated many times on Monday.

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