Friday, February 17, 2012

30 Days of Hands on Play Challenge: 26-28... I think

I meant for us to complete our activities this week, but alas, it hasn't happened. We did 3 days worth of planned activities and one day of impromptu activity.

Monday our activity was: make prints with household objects. We went around and gathered several toys and kitchen utensils and brought them to the table. It was then that I realized we had no tempera paint in the house... I grabbed a few bottles of acrylic paint and just decided to deal with the messy clean up. Will got to paint in just a diaper because I wasn't willing to deal with THAT much mess. :)

The kids had a blast dipping the toys in the paint and then making prints on their paper. They each covered several sheets of paper with paint and only stopped because I made them so we could eat dinner. Clean up was a pain, but I remembered to buy tempera paint when we were at Michael's on Wednesday!

Tuesday was our impromptu day. The girls were busy coloring in coloring books and I was about the join them when Will woke up from his nap. We decided to just color that day instead of doing the planned activity.

Wednesday we role played. We pulled out the kitchen toys and cash register and did some shopping and cooking. The kids had fun dressing up in their aprons and pretending to make food. Addy made a tomato and chocolate soup for me and Ellie made vanilla pudding.

Yesterday's activity was to play with a box. There is an activity in a Sesame Street craft book Ellie has to make animal (or monster) feet out of Kleenex boxes. We had finally saved 4 boxes so we decided it was time to make the feet. I pulled out our new paint (which turned out to be finger paint so it wasn't as opaque as I had hoped, but worked anyway) and we went to work painting Elmo and Grover feet. Will painted the box a little, but Ellie ended up finishing it while Will occupied himself with painting the table cloth (why didn't I use the table cloth on Monday with the acrylic paint?? I don't know...).

We let the boxes dry and today the kids had fun walking around in them. Oh and Will eventually did get around to playing with a box...

Ok, next week we WILL finish this!


  1. I love your play with a box ideas :) Just so you know I'm linking up your blog to my last play post because YOU were the one with the idea to do the jar :) I might miss having you comment on my posts because of this challenge - lol! You did a great job with this and have inspired me in many creative ways :)

  2. Oooooo, tomato and chocolate soup. My favorite! Way to be creative like your mom, Addy! :)