Wednesday, February 1, 2012

30 Days of Hands on Play Challenge: 19-21

Oops... I just realized I should've posted yesterday. I guess this is going to be a long post...

On Monday our activity was: make a craft for someone. I grabbed some of my and the girls' scrapbooking supplies and we made Valentines. The girls really love making cards. Recently, every time I have needed to make a card for someone, they have needed to get in on the action too. They loved this activity. Will really had fun with it too. Addy helped him glue some paper on his card and he colored on it.

Yesterday our activity was to play dress up. We have quite a bit of dress up clothes, but I realized yesterday that not much of it is "appropriate" for Will. See for yourself...

The kids put on some dress up items and we went about our normal play. The kids didn't seem all that interested in acting like what they were dressed up as, they just wanted to be dressed differently.

Today's activity was: make music. We grabbed some metal and plastic bowls and some metal and wooden spoons from the kitchen. I turned on some music and we banged away. I'm not really sure the music was necessary, the kids and I made so much noise we couldn't really hear it anyway... WE had to cut this activity a little short, but the kids had such a great time. Will was smiling this big the whole time:

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  1. The same in my house with the music! It was so loud I could not hear the music at all!! But they had so much fun :) Thanks for sharing - and it is not ripping off to use my ideas - that is why I share them :)