Sunday, September 12, 2010

Two New Layouts

This week I managed to complete two layouts. The first was for week two of Project Scrapbook. Here was the challenge for the week:

Food plays a huge part of our lives, even at gatherings people tend to gravitate towards the kitchen. Scrapbooks are a great place to celebrate those gatherings, however the little times away from Christmas, Thanksgiving and parties tend to get neglected. Remember, ever day life is just as special as the big moments! Take a moment to appreciate the day to day and the great food memories. A special meal you make for someone. The Funny word your kid/grandkid uses for "Spaghetti". Even a funny food story or a trip out for ice cream.

8.5 x 11 - 15 points
12 x 12 - 20 points
12 x 12 Double Layout - 40 points
Title - 10 points
Pictures - 10 points per picture
Embellishments/stickers - 5 points per
Journaling (recipes not included)
50 words or less - 25 points
50+ words or more - 35 points

"Make it work" bonus - 100 points (in addition to the above points)
Use a piece of packaging/logo of the food you are discussing in the layout. In addition, you are only allowed to use the colors on the packaging/food item. If you special thing is eating out, use only the colors from the logo.

I was initially going to make a page about how my 3 1/2 year old says avocados (hadocados), but then my husband suggested I do one using the photos from making smores. What a great idea and it gave me more colors to work with for the "Make it work" bonus!

I used some craft foam to make the marshmallow accent. I used chalk on that and the letters to give them a roasted look. I was inspired by a camping layout on page 22 of the August issue of Scrapbooks, Etc. The food labels in the bottom right corner are cut from the actual packages (I had to move my marshmallows to a Ziploc bag). I am much happier with the result of this challenge!

Here is my point breakdown:
12x12= 20 points
Title= 10 points
Pictures= 4x10= 40 points
Embellishments= 5x 12= 60 points
Journaling= more than 50 words= 35 points
Make It Work= 100 points

Total= 265

The second layout was for the Technique Challenge at Challenge Masters. The challenge was to do reverse masking. With reverse masking, you are altering the paper within the mask/stencil and preserving that around or outside it. For mine, I flipped over the striped border strip and used an ink pad for the border on the left of the photo strip. I also used a circle template with white acrylic paint and green chalk under the title.

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