Saturday, September 25, 2010

Project Scrapbook Weeks 3 and 4

Mikki has been coming up with great challenges for us the last couple of weeks! Last week the challenge was called "Seeing Double". Here are the rules:

This week is 2 page layouts! All layouts submitted this week MUST be 2 page layouts! I hope this doesn't get too confusing. As always, please send PM me with any questions you might have! :biggrin

8.5 x 11 (double layout): 30 points
12 x 12 (double layout): 40 points
Title - 10 points
Pictures - 10 points per picture
5 extra points if you use the same picture twice but in a "different way". Zoom in on a particular aspect, crop the picture, use different filters, add words.
50 words or less - 25 points
50+ words or more - 35 points
Embellishments/stickers - 5 points per embellishment

"Make it Work" - Mirror Mirror on the Wall Bonus - 100 points
The pages should mirror each other. Same "layout" but reversed. All embellishments must be in the same place, pictures in the same place.
If you have added a journal block on 1 page it can be mirrored with another picture, but try to make them as similar looking in shape as possible.
If your title is on 1 page and not across both, you can use other "word" embellishments or similar in size embellishments (line of embellishments ect) but please try to fill the space similarly.

I really enjoyed this challenge! I make two page layouts quite often and I tend to really like symmetry, to the point that I usually fight it, so this was a great way to "let loose" and give in to my natural tendency. I did Addy's 6-12 month "Milestone" page for this.

Here are my points:
12x12= 40 points
Title= 10 points
Pictures= 8x10= 80 points
Journaling= more than 50= 35 points
Embellishments= 56x5= 280 points
Make it Work= 100 points

Total= 545 points

This week's challenge was a tougher one. It was called, "You're Being Childish" and here are the rules:
Create a layout about your favorite children's book... the kicker? You MUST do it in the style of the book itself.

8.5 x 11 - 15 points
12 x 12 - 20 points
12 x 12 Double Layout - 40 points
Title - 10 points
Title in the writing style of the book - 15 points
*example: if you choose a Dr Seuss book, use crazy words and fun rhymes
Pictures - 10 points per picture
Embellishments/stickers - 5 points per
*Title stickers count as 5 points
50 words or less - 25 points
50+ words or more - 35 points

"Make it Work" Bonus - 100 points
Create a layout using the style of your favorite Children's Book... but the layout CAN NOT be about the book itself.
Example: Is your kid a picky eater? Use the style of Green Eggs and Ham.
Trip to the park. Why not create a layout using the colors of Corduroy?

As I was reading the October issue of "Creating Keepsakes" I had noticed a layout of photos taken by a child using the story "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" as inspiration for the journaling. When I saw it, I knew I wanted to do something similar with the photos Ellie has taken. This challenge was perfect and got me to do a layout I probably would have put off. I chose the book "Bear Snores On" because it is one of my favorites to read to my children. I love the rhyming, it is a really fun book to read. Here is the cover:

Here is my layout:

The journaling reads:
In a dark green house
Along Dana Drive
Lived 3 little children
Under age five.

The oldes one, Ellie
Was such a shutterbug
She took lots of pictures
Even of the rug.

She had toys with which to play
and the flowers all of May,

But Ellie snapped on.

She wandered the house
Looking for "art,"
And someone she loves
With all of her heart.

She looked all around
And captured her toes,
Caught one of "Arthur,"
Her favorite show.

She could tell Mom and Dad
'Bout the fun that she's had.

But Ellie snapped on.

One day her sister,
Wanted in on the fun,
But as for the camera,
They only had one.

So they made a great deal
To learn how to share.
They laughed and they cried
To make it all fair.

Good thing it's not film
For it would be gone.
They've learned to take turns...

And they both snap on.

Here are my points:
12x12= 20 points
Title= 10 points
Title in the writing style of the book= 15 points
Pictures 14 x 10= 140 points
Embellishments= 13 x 5= 65 points
50+ words= 35 points
Make it Work bonus= 100 points

Total= 385 points

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  1. Cute poem! I admire your creativity. You are so good at scrapping!