Thursday, June 21, 2012

Second Quarter Top 5

Ashley Sisk is hosting another quarterly link up on her blog.  The challenge is to select our favorite 5 photos of our kids (or pets) from the last 3 months.  I had a lot more to pick from this time thanks to warm weather so we could get outside and use some natural light!  Here are my top 5:

I've shared this one before, but I really like this photo of my little "duck hunter" carrying his ducks home.

I just love the sweetness of Addy holding up some flowers she picked for me. What mom doesn't love a bouquet of dandelions?? :) 

I have also shared this one before, but I enjoy how I caught my little guy in the moment, a moment that truly shows off his personality.

This one is a photo of Ellie doing something I see her doing often; helping her brother or sister. Here she is picking chives and handing them to her brother to try. She is such a great big sister! 

 I have shared this one before too, but this is my favorite photo of the year so far. I just love the bliss on Addy's face and how I caught her mid-air. 

Well, there are my top 5.  I am looking forward to the warm weather and taking lots more photos in the months to come!



  1. the sequence of pictures which you have chosen for this quarter. Love the one of the baby trying to drink from the sink the most.

  2. to be carefree with your hair in the wind as you swing again =) Love the shot of drinking out of the sink too!

  3. These are sooo great. I love that last one! Awesome capture.

  4. What a fun set - so many adorable images!

  5. What cuties you have!!! The last one is so fun. You can tell she is having a blast.