Monday, June 11, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 6-10-13

I am a day late on this. I tried to work on this last night, but then a severe thunderstorm rolled through with lots of lightning so we shut down the computer. We (Rick and I spent the weekend "up north" without the kids, so I have only one kid photo this week, the rest are from our trip.

This one was pretty easy since we went on a trip, I had plenty of options. I chose this one of the Two Step Falls at Tettagouche State Park. I have been wanting to play with shutter speed and this was the perfect opportunity (not to mention it made lugging the tripod on our hike totally worth it!).

Ellie playing in Grandpa and Grandma's pool, blowing water out of the end of a foam noodle. The kids got lots of pool time during their stay at Grandpa and Grandma's this weekend.


Black and White
On Sunday morning, Rick and I went for a walk along Lake Superior (where the place we stayed was located). As we were walking we found this gorgeous spider web with dew droplets on some driftwood.

We found these cute little yellow wild flowers all over the place on our hike.  It was refreshing to see these spots of color in the mostly green landscape.

Okay, this one may be a bit of a stretch.  Not actual paper, but trees are sometimes turned into paper, right??  This tree was growing out of the side of one of the cliffs surrounding the Baptism river.  We thought the tangle of roots was cool.


  1. You rocked the shutter speed on the waterfall. Great job! I love playing with water. The black and white is gorgeous!

  2. ooooh black and white is stunning.

  3. Wow, your black and white shot is amazing! And I really like your travel shot, too.