Monday, January 24, 2011

Project 365 Week 23

A pretty normal low key week, all everyday photos (except for the last :( )...

1/17 Rick reading a story to the kids (Hey Will, act natural!)

1/18 Ellie, "The bus isn't working."
Me, "That's because it is upside down."
Ellie, "I'm trying to fix the wheels."

1/19 Rick and Ellie playing video games (Little Big Planet) while Addy watches

1/20 Ellie's dress up Tinkerbell doll

1/21 "My do it!" That is what I hear on a daily basis from this VERY independent 2-year-old. Here she is pulling up her own pants.

1/22 I was tired, we were hungry, I ordered pizza, everyone was happy!

1/23 On Sunday night when I checked my e-mail, I was shocked to find out the a classmate of mine had passed. She'd just had a brain tumor removed and had appeared to be on the mend, but she had bleeding in her brain, causing her passing.

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